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This course for middle school teachers is designed to improve your understanding of kids and teenagers, and their use of digital media to better equip you to help them lead healthy and productive lives.

About This Course

Students in middle school are using the immense power of digital media to explore, connect, create, and learn in ways never before imagined. With this power, young people have extraordinary opportunities, and yet they face potential pitfalls, too. Meanwhile, schools are dealing with the associated ramifications — like cyberbullying, digital cheating, and safety and security concerns. These issues underscore the need for students to learn — and for teachers to teach — digital literacy and citizenship skills.

In this course, you will learn about what motivates kids and teenagers in their use of technology and you will be able to assess their skills and understandings of how to live a safe, healthy, and productive digital life.


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Foundation Track

The Foundation track is designed to help you build a foundation of understanding of the digital lives of your students, eight core topics of digital citizenship, and how to teach digital citizenship to students and engage parents using research-based resources from Common Sense Education. Completion of this track qualifies you to apply for one Continuing Education Unit. (Estimated effort: 15 hours)

Certification Track

The Certification track builds on the activities of the Foundation track to provide a structured pathway to becoming a Digital Citizenship Certified Educator by Common Sense Education, which includes teaching lessons to students and engaging parents and the school community. Completion of this track qualifies you to apply for two Continuing Education Units. (Estimated effort including implementation: 30 hours)

Course Staff

Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education provides high-quality digital literacy and citizenship programs to educators and school communities, empowering students to harness technology for learning and life. Their free resources include ratings and reviews of digital tools, a comprehensive K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum, ready-made lesson plans, videos, webinars, and more.

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Course Code: DC110M
Course Release: Sep 01, 2016
Estimated Effort: 15 Hrs (30 Hrs Cert. Track)

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